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MpStyle is a software born and raised alongside the big companies in the Italian textile sector.
The result of a thirty-year know-how in the development of management software for the fashion industry, MpStyle provides full control of the entire production chain, from supply management to distribution and sales points administration.



every business process is managed in a perspective of optimizing resources and increasing productivity..



The strong verticalization and dozens of installations allow us to provide robust, stable and reliable solutions, able to support the growth of your fashion business.



A single software collects all the information in a simple and intuitive way. BOM, web order entry, re-stocking management, B2B, B2C. All in one software.


In the Cloud

The flexibility to choose whether to buy mpstyle or simply rent it monthly and use it in
the Cloud without any limit

Integrated Ecommerce

Our Ecommerce solution born as an extension of the company activities, not therefore a simple showcase but a solution integrated with the production and administrative processes of the company.
An OmniChannel system that optimizes the inventory availability by sharing the products at the disposal with the B2B, Retail and B2C sales network, thus reducing the stock required .
Improves customer relations by centralizing the contact points in order to offer a more satisfying shopping experience.
Automates data flows, avoiding manual activities, inefficiencies and errors.

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

A complete and reliable solution, thanks to the experience gained in over 20 years of activity in the fashion industry , which supports the company all over the supply chain, from the BOM to the insertion of web orders by the sales network.
One of the key success factors of a company is the speed with which informations are translated into everyday actions.
Choose a robust, effective and integrated information system.



Manila Grace


In Antress, every garment is designed, managed, produced, sold, reassembled, invoiced on MpStyle.
All the tasks of the production process pass through MpStyle Erp, from the prototype to the returns management.

Liviana Conti

Erp & Ecommerce

Ecommerce fully integrated with retail network flows, external logistics and related inventory, with administrative and treasury software. We have optimized and centralized all the management and administrative operations, allowing an increase of customer satisfaction and a unified management of retail and online sales; drastically reducing management costs and optimizing performances.


Erp & Ecommerce

Son of the experience gained with Liviana Conti, Semicouture has been developed to support online sales, integrating all the features necessary for a future extension of the sales network to physical channels.

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