ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

A robust, effective and integrated information system

One of the key success factors of a company is the speed with which informations are translated into everyday actions.
Information System is synonymous with Management System: expandable, flexible, scalable, integrated, verticalized.

In the Cloud

Can be used remotely with a simple internet connection, the client can be installed in a few minutes and is immediately operational

Web orders

Ordering via web carried out by Agents / Customers via Pc, Tablet and Smartphone


In real time

Complete management of real-time logistics for the shipment of seasonal orders, reassortments, acceptance rendered by authorization

A single fee

One fee per user without any additional investment, using MpStyle in Cloud Computing


Prints / Pdf

All the printouts are created in standard pdf format and it is possible to send them automatically (for example, sending invoices to customers via e-mail massively …)

Office / Excel

Integration with Microsoft Office and OpenOffice packages: each tabular view can be exported to Excel with a simple click

In modern business environments it is essential to have an ERP able to interact and communicate with the infrastructures. For this reason, MpStyle supports all standards for data exchange, allowing companies to operate in a unique environment, thanks to its strong propensity for integration within the company structure.

The user is put in a position to operate in a uniform context, which transcends the real complexity and specificity of the company. This allows you to optimize the flow of information and the productivity of the individual user, entrusting MpStyle with the management of the complexities of each single activity performed.


The strong scalability that distinguishes it, ensures high performance regardless of the size of the company and the real complexity of the processes.

Mpstyle is born and grows with fashion, uses a thirty-year experience to ensure a strong verticalization within the production processes typical of the sector, with a view to optimizing resources, always looking for the solution that can ensure maximum productivity in every single business activity.

For these reasons, MpStyle ERP was not born as a simple static solution to support business activities, but to stimulate growth and productivity, evolving accordingly thanks to its flexible nature, able to enrich itself with ad-hoc developments conceived in the specific for your company.

Dynamism, experience and verticalization are synonymous with reliability, robustness and stability and allow us to provide an unified environment in which to operate in complete safety.

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