Integrated Ecommerce

More than an Ecommerce

Thanks to our thirty-year know-how in Erp development, our ecommerce suite can go where other ecommerce do not arrive: purchase orders, requirements, multi-level bill of materials. A unique platform, an ErpCommerce in the Cloud.


Customer at the center

Whatever the sales channel, e-commerce, retail, online customer with billing, in our suite all information is integrated and easily accessible.

ERP integration

All information stored in the ERP is also available at ecommerce, in order to guarantee a single collection point for information, facilitating its management and consultation.

Unified management

A unified information management supports supports the Business Intelligence analysis, improving customer knowledge and, consequently, customer satisfaction.

Maximum convergence between physical store and online shop

Whether it’s an online purchase or a physical store purchase, information is collected on a single platform.

Buy online, return to the store

The convergence of sales channels favors the interchangeability, making it possible to return to the store for items purchased online.

Book in store

If the product that the customer wants is not available in the physical store, you can complete the online purchase directly in the store, receiving the order delivery at home.

Retail and e-commerce stock synchronization

Full inventory control of physical and digital channels, regardless of warehouse location.

Diversified Contents

It is possible to organize the contents according to specific roles.
By diversifying the content according to the place where the customer is located, it is possible to offer, for example, special and diversified promotions for each country.


You can create vouchers and promotional codes, setting a limit of use for each user. Promotions can be configured according to geographic areas, users, user groups, product categories, shopping carts.


Seo friendly

The platform can directly manage SEO activities such as generating SEO URLs for products and categories, CMS, custom URL aliases, keyword management for products, Meta tags for pages and categories.

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